Youthful, Distinctive Styling, Dynamic Design


The new Toyota Raize combines bold, vibrant styling with a robust and versatile design. Its sporty yet sophisticated appearance features angular bumper corners and a trapezoid lower grille, creating a powerful and wide frontal presence. Stylish LED headlights, daytime running lights, and sequential turn lights enhance visibility and add a touch of elegance. The aerodynamic design, with a shark fin-shaped roof antenna and front-wheel spats, improves fuel efficiency and handling stability. Despite its compact size, the Raize offers a spacious and inviting interior with ample headroom and legroom for all five occupants, enhanced by subtle LED lighting for a luxurious feel. The sleek interior design provides superb comfort while driving for all passengers. The powerful air conditioning system cools the cabin quickly and includes an air filter to remove dust and dirt, ensuring an enjoyable journey. Easy to use both for leisure on weekends and for everyday use, the Raize supports customers in a variety of active scenarios with a new platform and safety features to enhance driving confidence. The user-centric interior includes 11 storage spaces for optimal convenience, and every feature is easy to reach. The seven-inch intuitive multi-information display is customizable, offering four display themes: Advanced, Exciting, Simple, and Analog. Entertainment is at your fingertips with the large 7-inch display compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, providing USB and Bluetooth integration for convenient audio and video playback. The eco-drive assist display encourages environmentally friendly driving by showing fuel consumption and an eco score based on your acceleration habits. The Raize boasts a class-leading luggage capacity, with foldable rear seats to further increase cargo space for large or long items. A total of eight body colors, including two-tone combinations, enhance the car's quirky and exciting outlook, providing customers with a wide choice of color schemes. The overall design emphasizes the active nature of the Raize and will raise your expectations.

Raize Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic Design

The shark fin-shaped roof antenna, front-wheel spats, and other elements smoothly direct airflow, improving fuel efficiency and handling stability.

Raize Spacious and Inviting

Spacious and Inviting

All five occupants will enjoy ample headroom and legroom despite the Raize’s compact size. To create a sense of luxury, subtle LED lighting is used throughout the cabin.

Raize Ample Luggage Space

Ample Luggage Space

The Raize has a generous luggage compartment and the back door has a lowered lip, allowing you to load heavy items easily.


Elevate Your Driving Experience


Equipped with an array of advanced functions, the Toyota Raize will provide an exceptional driving experience no matter the journey. The Raize's instrument panel has been designed to ensure an outstanding field of view from the driver's seat; the operational elements of the instrument panel face the driver's side, while the gear lever has been positioned for easy operation, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the road. The LED digital speedometer and Multi-information display are seamlessly integrated, appearing to create a single screen with a cutting-edge feel. The Raize comes equipped with Keyless Entry, Smart Start, LED Headlights, Steering Wheel Controls with Paddle Shift, Touch Screen Audio with Bluetooth capabilities, Auto Air Conditioner, Auto Headlights, Retractable Side Mirrors, and a rear seatbelt indicator. From distinct styling to cabin comfort and versatile features, the Toyota Raize aims to elevate your lifestyle and driving experience. The Blind Spot Monitor alerts you with a warning signal on the side mirror if a vehicle is in your blind spot, ensuring safe lane changes. The Clearance Sonar, with six sensors on the front and rear bumpers, helps you handle the vehicle more confidently and park more easily by detecting stationary objects nearby. Rear Cross Traffic Alert provides visual and audible warnings if a vehicle enters your blind spot while backing out of your driveway or parking spot, ensuring safer maneuvers.

Raize Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This technology helps you back out of your driveway or parking spot safely by giving you visual and audible warnings if a vehicle enters your blind spot.

Raize Rear Clearance Sonar

Clearance sonar

Handle the vehicle more confidently and park more easily with help from six sensors on the front and rear bumpers that detect stationary objects close by.

Raize Seven Inch Intuitive Multi Information Display.jpg

Seven-Inch Intuitive Multi-Information Display

This full-colour display is yours to customise. Choose the notifications you will receive and select between four display themes: Advanced, Exciting, Simple, and Analog.


Feel More Power, Enjoy More Moments


The Raize's newly developed light-weight, highly rigid body and suspension contributes to its outstanding handling stability and ride comfort. Providing two engine options - 1.2L WA-VE gasoline engine, 12-valve DOHC with dual-VVT and 1.0L Turbo 1KR-VET gasoline engine, 12-valuve DOHC with DVVT – the Raize creates the perfect driving experience for drivers alike. The Raize comes with CVT transmission to realize the joy of driving and outstanding fuel efficiency. The gear-ratio range has also been expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds, and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds. MacPherson struts have been used for the front suspension, while torsion beams have been used for the rear. The suspension has been redeveloped and provides a stable ride with minimal roll, and quickly neutralizes any vibrations or impacts from the road surface. All aspects of the car―including its platform and powertrain unit―have been newly developed, with the goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, luxury, safety, and peace of mind.

Effortless Acceleration

The new 1.0 L turbocharged engine is coupled with a D-CVT transmission to deliver smooth and responsive acceleration, excellent fuel efficiency, and performance to match a 1.3 L peer.

Excellent Visibility

Large windows, optimal driver height, and a well-designed cockpit give you a commanding view from the driver's seat.

Tight Turning Radius

With a minimum turning radius of 5.1 m, the agile Raize is made for navigating crowded city streets and getting in and out of tight spots.


Confidence-Inspiring Balance of Safety and Stability


Raise your adventure with excitement and maximum safety for every passenger. With an array of advanced safety features, the Toyota Raize provides total peace of mind on every journey. Fully equipped with active and passive safety features, the Raize comes standard with Anti-locking braking system (ABS), SRS Airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Immobilizer, Hill Starting Assist System (HAS), Reserve camera and Keyless entry. Other safety features include auto headlights, factory alarm, auto door lock system, front & rear stabilizer, front & rear fog lamps and daytime running lights, high mount stop lamp, rear window defogger, in dash wheel indicator and more. The Raize provides customers with peace of mind and support for a comfortable driving experience.

Six SRS airbags

Driver and front passenger airbags come standard, while side airbags and curtain shield airbags are available for additional protection.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

This system helps to prevent skidding and assists with stabilising your vehicle when cornering or making sudden turns.

Blind Spot Monitor

A warning signal flashes on the side mirror if there is a vehicle in your blind spot, so you can change lanes safely and easily.